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As a charitable Service based non-profit organization (NPO) educating and connecting the High Performance Computing user community to state of art technology for the purpose of Optimizing business processes and workforce advancement. Our technology focus includes AI, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Deep learning, Machine learning and visualization utilized in applications ranging from Manufacturing and Engineering, Financial services, Life Sciences, Energy, Academia and Government.

WEBINAR: Accelerating Applications: The Enduring Goal of Exploiting Parallelism in HPC Technical Software

  • 17 Dec 2014
  • 3:00 PM
  • Web

Title: Accelerating Applications: The Enduring Goal of Exploiting Parallelism in HPC Technical Software

Ted Clee,  President - TEC Applications Analysis 


Whether we seek nearly-interactive turnaround for compute-bound calculations on large data volumes, or we are trying to accomplish a previously intractable computation on a multimillion dollar system in a matter of mere weeks, HPC application developers are always trying to harness the power of the latest advanced computational hardware. Organizations with deep pockets are able to address the most challenging problems by deploying an army of software developers to rework complex algorithms whenever a new generation of hardware architecture becomes available. For smaller, workstation-based applications, this level of effort is not justifiable. We are recently seeing higher-level program constructs that enable developers to implement parallel computation on multiprocessor systems or with attached accelerators, with the expectation of expending less programming effort and still creating codes that can be moved to new hardware architectures without complete redesign.

Presenter Bio:

Ted is a Geophysical Applications Analyst with extended experience in seismic and electromagnetic data analysis, processing and imaging. Expert in parallel processing for shared and distributed memory architectures. Strong interest and experience in object-oriented design in unlikely environments such as Fortran and Matlab. Extensive work in user interface design and in inter-language code development. Specialties: Geoscience applications, parallel architectures, numerical algorithms performance, object-oriented design. Languages: Fortran, Matlab, C/C++, Python, Perl. Environments: Linux Eclipse IDE, Windows Visual Studio.









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