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Lunch and Learn RoundTable Event: Accelerating Applications: The Enduring Goal of Exploiting Parallelism in HPC Technical Software

  • 23 Apr 2015
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Unique Digital Inc. Conference Center


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The Society of HPC Professionals (SHPCP) -- invites you to attend:

A Lunch & Learn Round Table Discussion Meeting

Accelerating Applications: The Enduring Goal of Exploiting Parallelism in HPC Technical Software


Whether we seek nearly-interactive turnaround for compute-bound calculations on large data volumes, or we are trying to accomplish a previously intractable computation in a matter of mere weeks on a multimillion dollar system, HPC application developers are always trying to harness the power of the latest advanced computational hardware. Organizations with deep pockets are able to address the most challenging problems by deploying an army of software developers to rework complex algorithms whenever a new generation of hardware architecture becomes available. For m id-range, workstation-based applications, this level of effort is not justifiable. We are recently seeing higher-level program constructs that enable developers to implement parallel computation on multiprocessor systems or with attached accelerators, with the expectation of expending less programming effort and still creating codes that can be moved to new hardware architectures without complete redesign. As implementations of these abstractions mature, we look forward to exploiting multiple and evolving forms of parallelism for even mid-range computational applications with little more effort than just re-compiling our codes.

Presenter’s Bio:

Ted Clee - TEC Applications Analysis:

Ted has been working on numerical software for over 40 years, mainly in the field of geophysical exploration. After his PhD work in Physics at University of Toronto, his career has been mostly in Houston with Western Geophysical, Cray Research, and ExxonMobil, and he has now “retired” to technical software consulting. He has been active in improving applications performance using auxiliary hardware from the earliest array processors to modern GPGPUs, and through use of shared-memory and distributed-memory parallel architectures. Ted is a long-time member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists and the Association for Computing Machinery.

Meeting will be conducted on,
Thursday April 23, 2015, 11:30 CDT
at the
Unique Digital Inc. Conference Center

10595 Westoffice Drive
Houston, TX 77042



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